Nigeria complain to FIFA over rescheduled World Cup qualifiers

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), has sent a formal complaint to FIFA, complaining about the rescheduled World Cup qualifiers in June.

The world governing body had moved Nigeria’s games against Kenya in Nairobi to June 5 and the game against Namibia in Windhoek to June 12, before they depart to the FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil.

The NFF, through its General Secretary, Musa Amadu, has now demanded for the other Group F matches to be played on the same day.

“We have fully appraised our priorities and wish that either of the following options be seriously considered: 1) That the matches in our African qualifying Group F (Kenya Vs Nigeria; Malawi Vs Namibia and; Namibia Vs Nigeria; Malawi Vs Kenya) be played on the same dates of Wednesday, 5th June and Wednesday, 12th June, 2013, respectively,” Amadu proposed to FIFA.

“2)That all the matches be reverted to the original dates of Saturday, 8th June and Saturday, 15th June, 2013 respectively.”


Nigeria argued that this would only ensure fairness in the qualifying matches, as the country also seeks to do well in the Confederations Cup.

Amadu stated that, “We make this request in the interest of fairness, as at the moment, Nigeria and Malawi have same number of points (5) and, for Nigeria to play two days before Malawi in each of the two important qualifying games in June will give undue advantage to the Malawians,” said Amadu.

“We see the FIFA Confederations Cup as a key tournament, but we also know we have to qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals, as priority.

“It is important to us to go to the FIFA Confederations Cup and then return to Brazil a year later for the FIFA World Cup finals.”Image

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