Justin Bieber following in Chris Brown’s battery steps?

New day, new of drama for Justin Bieber. Everyone is quite aware of Justin’s close pal Chris Brown’s physical altercation with Rihanna but calm down, Justin didn’t hit Selena but TMZ is reporting that the 19-year-old singer is being investigated for battery after getting into a physical and verbal altercation with his neighbor. Apparently, Justin is back in the U.S. after performing a show in Poland on Monday night, with the argument in question happening around 9 AM Tuesday morning.

Justin’s neighbor reportedly went over to confront Justin about a number of loud parties that had been occurring while he was touring overseas. The accuser was very visibly angry, and accused Justin of hitting and threatening him. However, TMZ’s sources tell them that Justin didn’t get physical with the accuser, but merely told him to get off his property while Justin’s security escorted him away. The Sheriff’s department is currently investigating the situation.

This is just the latest string of back luck for the Biebs. He started off his month having the “worst birthday,” lunged at an aggressive paparazzo, his former pet hamster passed away, went on a random Twitter rant after having to cancel a concert in Portugal, and let’s not forget about his ex Selena Gomez publicly dissing him on TV.

And that’s just some of the drama he’s faced this month.Image

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