GISTZ : Funky pee gistz with Oluwabiggie Mobile.

Funky pee : Good morning Sir, everyone knows you as Biggiemobiles, what are your real names?

Biggiemobiles : ( laughs ) good morning Funky pee, i am Ishola Muyiwa

Funky pee : What are you into sir?

Biggiemobile : I am an entrepreneur,  i major in  gadgets retailing and fixing.

Funky pee: How did you start up, because we all know that entrepreneurship is very difficult.

Biggiemobile: I started gadget business around 2003 when I was managing my uncle’s gadget repairs store and phone business center ….
So it’s okay to say I started gadget business as a worker in a gadget store …… but as an entrepreneur I started as a child when I had to help my mum hawk what she was selling and I had to ensure I make my personal profits cos she’s always telling us the totally cost of the goods and tells us whatever we make outside the total cost is ours … so I started my life as an entrepreneur as a child trying to make more of a family business.

Funky pee: What are the challanges you encountered at the beginning??

Biggiemobile : I encountered a whole lot as expected of every business personnel and entrepreneur… intimidation, disrespect, rejection , struggle to meet up with capital but above all I never gave up..and those have all ended up as stepping stones to where I am today.

Funky pee: Who and what inspired this you?

Biggiemobile : My mum inspired this me…. she was a persistent entrepreneur and business woman.

Funky pee : If you were to get rid of any state in nigeria which would it be?

Biggiemobile : Would get rid of the 38th state that doesn’t exist ( laughs ).

Funky pee: Whats your favourite colour?

Biggiemobile : white

Funky pee : Favourite super hero?

Biggiemobile : Favorite super hero is Jesus.

Funky pee : Tell me something about your last job..

Biggiemobile : My last job was as a pianist at a church….

Funky pee : Any advice for upcoming CEOs?

Biggiemobile: My advice for the upcoming CEOs is for them to continue the struggle no matter what..

Funky pee : What was the last gift you gave to someone?

Biggiemobile : The last gift I gave to someone was a phone

Funky pee : Favourite hangout spot in Cotonou?

Biggiemobile : For now it’s TIMES restaurant at Lobele

Funky pee : How as internet improved your business?

Biggiemobile : Internet has been a major part of my business in fact it’s okay to say internet is also my business so it has really helped me with so many solutions and keeping in touch with customers.

Funky pee : Where do you see your buisness in the next 4 years from now?

Biggiemobile : I see my business as a multi billion USD international business.

Funky pee: Most amazing rumour you have  heard about yourself?

Biggiemobile: That I was dating a lady I haven’t met and she even had prove …

Funky pee: Cardi b or Nikki minaj

Biggiemobile : Tiwa Savage lol

Funky pee : To get to do business with you lets have your social media handles and call lines…

Biggiemobile  : Muyibiggy on IG
Ishola Muyiwa on FB
Muyibiggy on Twitter
+22968222016 whatsapp and calls
Funky pee : Any shout out to anyone of ur friends family or hmmmmm

Biggiemobile : shout out to my customers

Funky pee : thanks for reading through my first exclusive interview with one of Cotonou brightest CEOand business mogul any futher questions for biggie mobile or suggestions on the gistz  drop  comments in the comment  section below.  See ya on monday as i GISTZ with another celeb.

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