GISTZ : Funky Pee gistz with MANOJ ( lemon night club ).

Funky Pee : Hello sir, may we know you??

Manoj : My name is Manoj and I am from india.

Funky Pee : What are you into sir ?

Manoj : Oh i am into Club and hotels business.

Funky Pee : How did you start up and what inspires the name lemon ?

Manoj : i love clubbing a lot so I decided to start my own club clubbing is my hobby. And that’s how I see it as a business too … and the name was inspired by le manoj so it’s lemon.

Funky Pee : Apart from the club and hotel business, what would have been your options ?

Manoj : I would have gone to be a software engineer.

Funky Pee : On a scale of 10, how would you rate your memory ?

Manoj : I would say 7.

Funky Pee : What’s your favourite colour ?

Manoj :  Black.

Funky Pee : Favourite super hero ?

Manoj :  Superman

Funky Pee : Tell ussomething about your last job …

Manoj : I was working in textile co. in China, I learnt many things about fabrics and business relations there.

Funky Pee : Any advice for upcoming CEOs or bosses ??

Manoj : Do whatever makes u happy and comfortable.

Funky Pee : What was the last gift you gave to someone ?

Manoj : It was an Ankara wear.

Funky Pee : How do you relax ?

Manoj : I relax by swimming and sleeping.

Funky Pee : where is your favourite hangout spot ?

Manoj : Lemon club is my favorite hangout spot.

Funky Pee : How as internet improved your business ?

Manoj : The internet has made it easy in marketing and sharing of information.

Funky Pee : Where do you see your buisness in the next 4 years from now ?

Manoj :Lemon club would be the best club in cotonou and I will open more branches.

Funky Pee : Any akward moment recently ?

Manoj : Oh yes, my  traveling bag spoiled at the airport, so akward…

Funky Pee : Any Favourite  meal ?

Manoj : roasted chicken.

Funky Pee : Cardi b or nikki minaj ?

Manoj : Nikki.

Funky Pee : Favourite  artist and comedian ?

Manoj : Future and Funky p.

Funky Pee : To get to do business with you lets have your social media handles and call lines?

Manoj : ig : manojlemon and +229-61300515.

Nice having you on the gistz with funky pee on Cissletblog platform.

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