GISTZ : Funky Pee gistz with KIDA OJ.

Funky Pee : Good morning, can we know you?

Kida OJ : My real name is Ayomide Anota, my stage name is Kida Oj and I’m an artiste, song writer and performer.

Funky Pee : Where are you from ? And why did you choose music?

Kida OJ : I’m from Ondo state, Music has always been a part of me, I grew up listening to music and trying to write music till I eventually started making music.

Funky Pee : Can you tell us how it all started?? What has been your major challange as a musician.

Kida OJ : I started writing songs when I got into junior high school, but recorded my first song when I was 14 years old. I guess it’s coming up and gaining exposure, I’m just trying to avoid negativity and focus more on my music.

Funky Pee : Describe your sound and what has inspired you in the industry

Kida OJ : I can say that I am an Afrobeat/Afropop artiste. Depends on the inspiration. I grew up listening to different artiste in artiste in Africa and abroad. I’m diversed, I just love good music.

Funky Pee : If not for music  what will you be doing ?

Kida OJ : A TV personality, I love the screen ( smiles )

Funky Pee : Any Favourite artists??

Kida OJ : I have so many favorites from Fela the king of Afrobeat, Wizkid, 2face, Davido, Burna, I also love Michael Jackson.

Funky Pee : What body part you would not mind losing..

Kida OJ : I love all my body parts..

Funky Pee : Can you remember the First show you performed?

Kida OJ : Yes it was a pool party when I was 14.

Funky Pee : Anyone you want to give a shout out to ?

Kida OJ : Shout out to my home boys making music In Abuja, I’m still representing, shoutout to my girlfriend, shout out to My fans, promoters, everyone that believes in the dream.

Funky Pee : Any upcoming plans or projects ??

Kida OJ : Yes, I’m working on some songs and will be releasing them soon.

Funky Pee : Any advice for those artists out there making music  ??

Kida OJ : To other upcoming artists, i know it tough and you really want to break out, just focus more on making good music, improve your sound. You’ll surely blow up.

Funky Pee : What was the last gift you gave to someone?

Kida OJ : They last gift I received was a Frame.

Funky Pee :How do you relax??

Kida OJ : I listen to music and chill…

Funky Pee : Favourite hangout spot??

Kida OJ : My house, I love chilling at home.

Funky Pee : How as internet improved your business ??

Kida OJ : Internet has played a big role in promoting music for a while now. Distribution and selling of songs, artists break through, Artists discovery etc.

Funky Pee : Where do you see your Career in the next 4 years from now??

Kida OJ : I’m sure with a lot of hard work and a great team working effortlessly, I’ll be at a great height in my music career.

Funky Pee : Most amazing rumour you have heard about yoursef??

Kida OJ : I don’t really pay attention to that.

Funky Pee : Any akward moment recently ?

Kida OJ : I’m not sure of any…

Funky Pee : Favourite  meal?

Kida OJ : I don’t really have a favorite food. I eat what I feel like.

Funky Pee : Cardi b or nikki minaj?

Kida OJ : Nicki Minaj for sure..

Funky Pee : Favourite  comedian?

Kida OJ : Kelvin Hart.

Funky Pee : Thanks for your time, to get to do business with you lets have your social media handles and call lines..

Kida OJ : Instagram: @popboy_kidaoj Twitter: @popboy_kidaoj_

Funky Pee : Any word for your fans ?

Kida OJ : Keep believing in me, you’ll be proud.

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