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Artiste: Who’s Ninny Zerah???

Ninny Zerah is an Artist, counselor, consultant, entrepreneur as well a personal trainer born in Nairobi, Kenya on October 28, 1989 and eventually moved to Australia for further studies.

Earlier on, Ninny developed a passion for music as she started singing with her family at church, and later on with her brother, who played saxophone as well as piano, he sometimes needed a singer, Ninny always filled that gap and she says “Music is all we had”.

She gravitated toward the songs of singers such as, Prince, Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige, Destiny’s Child, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Kidum, P Square, Esir, Nameless and Fantasia.

She started getting involved in music as well as dance competition at 7yrs At age 13, Ninny was the Choir mistress in all the schools she went to, represented her state at a National level in the music festival in the year 2006, “I loved Mary Mary gospel song I can’t give up now, it was my anthem and still is!”  She reminisces.

A graduate of Kranz international in South Australia, Ninny took a break from music to concentrate on her new profession in the medical field.

“I was supporting my family hence music was such a big risk. At the time, all my siblings were studying and I was that child who was more financially secured it became my responsibility to help my mother out.”  Ninny tells…

In 2013 Ninny enrolled at the Australian Company of Performing Arts and later on WEA Adult learning where she learnt how to play few instruments like drums as well as guitar. She then auditioned for “TPF” in East Africa, surviving eliminations after landing among the top 10 out of thousands of contestants in Rift Valley region.

Busy with her medical and modeling careers, Ninny never lost sight of her musical goal, she released a number of covers and she is set to make a permanent comeback to the scene in a few weeks time with a promise of never heard before hit releases. Keep it here for updates.

We wish you sucess and more inspiration🎶🎵🌏🌎

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