African Stories : Zainab’s Ordeal.

Author: Chidiebere Elekwachi

A young woman full of ambitions praised by her parents and respected by the society, Zainab. She was the pride of her family; she always chose the right part to live. Her uncle having seen that she would turn out to be greater than his own kids, plotted evil out of envy and greed.
One evening Zainab was with her dad chatting, he told her that as a lady she must always be strong to face everything that life throws at her be it joy or pains, she smiled at her dad and said “daddy life will always bring joy to me because you are my father” her dad was happy but still told her that a time will come when she will be left to face life and life does not always offer you goodies. The next morning her uncle came visiting, not knowing his evil plans, she embarrassed him, offered him a sit and went out to get him a drink, the uncle seeing that it was his only opportunity to carry out his evil plot went straight into the kitchen and poisoned the pot of soup she had prepared.

Zainab returned home with the drink, served her uncle, and asked if she should offer him food but he refused to eat the food and went home, while he asked her to greet her parents when they returned.
It was 6pm, Zainab’s parents returned from work, zainab out of joy, offered her parents their food and went out to fetch water, returning back home she called out for her mum but no replies, she wondered why her mother was not responding, so she went in and saw her mother and father lying helplessly on the floor. She immediately rushed to them shouting: Mother, father, mother, and father. However, they were long gone. The doctors were summoned and they discovered that they were food poisoned.
Zainab was beaten and thrown out of her house; she went into the street to hawk tomatoes as depression rapidly grew. It was so tough on her so she decided to hawk pure water on the street of Lagos. She had no place to live but found comfort in an uncompleted building.
Insecurity has been the major issue in the rural area of Lagos especially the ghettos, zainab died of complications after multiple unknown men raped her.


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