10 Worst Red Carpet Dresses Of All Time [LOOK]

CATE Blanchett took red carpet fails to a whole new level – seemingly drawing inspiration from a jellyfish.

The actress, 44, donned the bizarre dress for the premiere of Blue Jasmine in New York.

Cate’s bold statement outfit was one of her more “out there” red carpet choices and didn’t do her amazing figure any favours.

And while we’re still sitting on the fence as to whether the frock choice was brave or barmy, we check out nine truly dreadful red carpet combinations.Image

The wacky singer’s meat dress made it hard for anyone to keep a Poker Face. Gaga commissioned the dress, boots and hat for the MTV VMAs in 2010, shocking viewers with what appeared like raw cuts of meat. After a few hours the smell must have been truly offal.Image

Bjork must have been at least a little ticked off that Gaga stole her Worst Red Carpet Dress crown. Before the Telephone singer came along the Icelandic star could be sure to be the most oddly dressed. Her cross between a tutu and a dead swan became infamous after she donned it for the 2001 Oscars. Maybe a little birdie should have told her it wasn’t a great look.


If there ever was a Where’s Whally of fashion – Nicki Minaj in this outfit is it. The rapper was hard to spot amid the futuristic mash-up of what might have been clothes at some point. And with that ice cream necklace to top it all off, we hope this look’s cone – but it certainly won’t be forgotten.Image

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